Create unlimited capacity for work with Artifical Intelligence

Get AI Bots and Assisted Workflow or competitors will 'eat your lunch'

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Sales and Service

Present your products and services in conversational style with unlimited patience and at any time. Qualify leads and take business action

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Project Management

Automate project administration with conversational instructions to reduce costs. Use the Bot to manage process, data and reporting

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Cyber Security

Place a virtual expert into meetings to report the details of security policy, risks, mitigations and record actions

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The Digital Assistant to process invoices, update the records and report the management accounts

Legal Evidence

The Digital Assistant for large volume document analysis to free professionals for complex work

Operational Risk

The Digital Assistant to ensure the quality of data, timely updating, reporting and governance process


The Digital Assistant for candidate triage, interview arrangements, credentials checks and tracking

Assisted Workflow
with AI

Trigger workflow in a conversational style and free staff to address business challenges

Assisted IOT Workflow
with AI

Manage sensor estates using AI and trigger workflow in a conversational style