Use Artifical Intelligence to create new capacity for work

Boost productivity with AI to analyse text, speech and data, carry out workflow and communicate in conversational style

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Sales and Service

Sell in a conversational style, leveraging speech, at any time of day. Qualify leads, take payments, manage service, take business action

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Project Management

Automate project management with conversational instructions to reduce costs. Use the Bot to manage process, data and reporting

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Risk & Cyber Security

Place a virtual expert into meetings to report the details of security policy, risks, mitigations and record actions

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HR & Recruitment

The Digital Assistant for candidate triage, interview arrangements, service management and agent actions

Invoice Processing AI

Remove manual processes and workarounds. Process documents and unstructured data, manage exceptions and controls. Reduce effort by 97%

Business Development

Automate search of market changes to find companies and people that need your services. Follow an AI analysis driven business process

Claims Management

Automate manual processes to sample 100% of documents, process voice and text to support complex workflow


Trigger workflow in a conversational style and free staff to address business challenges

Language Processing

Use Sales and CRM interactions to identify cutomer needs and service quality. Use our scoring algos to prioritise the work.

AI Innovation

Ask us to advise on an AI Roadmap, set up and run Proof of Concepts for AI Processing, Speech based Workflow and Digital Assistants